Dear Brittany Ferries

Brittany-Ferries-logoDear Brittany Ferries,

Thank you for the line “Curiosity – it can lead you anywhere” – what a wonderful, life-affirming sentiment. And as such, a highly compelling emotional space for a brand to occupy.

“Stay curious” has got to be one of the greatest pieces of advice that any parent can give to their child. I hope I can impart that in spades to our children.

And thank you for reminding me of France in the summer.

Ooh how I love a summer holiday with my family in France.

The hell of Lyon 645km, the disruption of having stop at every other Aire de Service, the nightmare of where’s the bloody peage ticket got to, the uncertainty of did I just get flashed by a speed camera and will it recognise my British number plate and the panic of Jane the SatNav lady losing the plot at a crucial approaching junction.


It all pales into insignificance and turns to joy as the memory does its stuff, replacing the short-term pain with a golden haze of loveliness.

Golden haze of loveliness well captured Brittany Ferries.

And thank you for reminding me of one of my favourite ads of all time, which incidentally I wrote about here:

Makes me blub everytime – and not even DIY SOS can do that.

Thanks again.



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