Dear Scrabble

Scrabble LogoDear Scrabble,

Thank you for Anagram Lovers – an absolute triumph of beautiful cinematography of which Wes Anderson would have been proud.

Thank you for resisting the tempatation of advertising cliches – i.e. the good-looking-mum-and-dad-playing-scrable-with-their-good-looking-children shot.

Thank you for believing in the construct of anagrams as a representation of your brand – without that belief, you would never have been able to tell a story like this.

And thank you for being wonderfully random (crab diving Spaniard in Japan?!), just like the game itself.

And thanks for Anagram Christmas.

A good effort, but the kitsch kookiness that makes Anagram Lovers so charming gets lost in Christmas tweeness – in my view. Still made me smile though.

Thanks again



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