Dear essential Waitrose

essential WaitroseDear essential Waitrose,

Thank you for your hilarious take on the meaning of the word essential with your Sea Salt & Kelp shower gel.

Waitrose Essentials - Sea Salt & Kelp Shower Gel

The idea that it might be vitally important and absolutely necessary (as per the dictionary definition of essential) for any shower taker to have some Sea Salt & Kelp gel in there with them is absurd, bordering on the ridiculous…but very funny.

Toby Young - CapitalAnd thank you for reminding of the BBC’s excellent mini-series Capital and in particular the scene in which Toby Young’s banker character reels off a list of items to describe how his predicted £1m bonus “doesn’t go very far these days” (“…My car, your car, the family car, the school fees, the tennis lessons, the gardeners for here and in the country…” – the list goes on) to which his vile wife snaps “And tell me which one of those is not an absolute essential?!”.

Thanks again – I look forward to spotting further “essentials” from your range and having a laugh…




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