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Dear Audi

Audi LogoDear Audi,

Thank you for “piggy-backing with pride” and for using comparative advertising to both compliment and trump your competitors…

…So, so, so, so much more powerful than simply knocking them.

And thank you for putting the brand logo so beautifully at the heart of the execution. When the creative team came up with this device, they literally must have been doing back-flips of joy. For a week.

Thanks again



Dear Arla Best of Both

Arla-Best of Both 2ltr-1ltrDear Arla Best of Both,

Thank you for being unashamedly “inspired” by a similar brand in an adjacent category. And for demonstrating that sometimes the simplest and best ideas are in sitting right before our very eyes – or rather just a couple of aisles along down at the supermarket.

Hovis Best of Both

Whilst I may not necessarily like the ad, it certainly does standout – which is no bad thing when launching a new proposition…just ask Barry Scott over at Cillit Bang.

Arla_ad_1200Thank you for showing us how to play to and piggy-back an existing, well, establishing unit of meaning –  in the form of the Best of Both descriptor, which directly leverages all the hard work that Hovis have done establishing their Best of Both sliced-bread proposition.

And thank you for creating a potential new code with the Yellow cap. It remains to be seen whether you can make it yours and yours alone…or whether the proliferation of colours (purple or orange for the, albeit multi-brand, 1% Fat milk) will prove to be too much for consumers.

The One - Purple Top

Thanks again


Dear Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains LogoDear Virgin Trains,

Thank you for demonstrating the power of great copy-writing with your Be Bound For Glory spot:

You’ve packed in enough hooky soundbites for 10 ads – insightful, current, clever and engaging:

  • You are a warrior and your weapon is you.
  • Remember. She’s counting on you. You’re her man. You’re the man.
  • You’re a zen-master in the art of parent whispering.
  • It’s all or nothing. Death or Glory.
  • You’re Prince of the Darkness. Caesar of the Salad. Shamen of the Shuttlecock.
  • Word to your mother in law

OK, so the voiceover is a bit X-Factor – although my view is that it adds drama, familiarity and irony / humour.

And compared to The Snackarchist from Mattesons, which plays to the same basic conceit of a somewhat-nerdy-but-not-too-nerdy-young-guy-demonstrates-self-assurance-and-confidence-in-everyday-situations, you absolutely wipe the floor.

And that’s thanks to your awesome copy. Not to mention the brilliant performances from the cast and Director. And a great backing track. What a piece of work.

Thanks again Virgin Trains – 90 seconds of pure advertising entertainment that will make me feel good about the next time I take a Virgin Train.