Dear Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains LogoDear Virgin Trains,

Thank you for demonstrating the power of great copy-writing with your Be Bound For Glory spot:

You’ve packed in enough hooky soundbites for 10 ads – insightful, current, clever and engaging:

  • You are a warrior and your weapon is you.
  • Remember. She’s counting on you. You’re her man. You’re the man.
  • You’re a zen-master in the art of parent whispering.
  • It’s all or nothing. Death or Glory.
  • You’re Prince of the Darkness. Caesar of the Salad. Shamen of the Shuttlecock.
  • Word to your mother in law

OK, so the voiceover is a bit X-Factor – although my view is that it adds drama, familiarity and irony / humour.

And compared to The Snackarchist from Mattesons, which plays to the same basic conceit of a somewhat-nerdy-but-not-too-nerdy-young-guy-demonstrates-self-assurance-and-confidence-in-everyday-situations, you absolutely wipe the floor.

And that’s thanks to your awesome copy. Not to mention the brilliant performances from the cast and Director. And a great backing track. What a piece of work.

Thanks again Virgin Trains – 90 seconds of pure advertising entertainment that will make me feel good about the next time I take a Virgin Train.



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