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Dear Energizer

energizer-ecoadvancedDear Energizer,

Thank you for reminding me about the power of claims…and the various psychological heuristics (or biases, such as anchoring or focusing) that affect how we interpret what we hear.

Now I’m full of admiration for what you’re doing…driving the agenda when it comes to battery¬† recycling and pushing yourselves forward with your “leaders always go first” brand vision / purpose.

But “made with 4% recycled batteries” feels a little underwhelming to me. Even if it is a world first.


My biases (and in fact my basic grasp of numbers) tell me that 4% just isn’t very much. At all.


And the 4% claim is especially underwhelming when compared to your adversaries over the way at Duracell…

Even though it does relate to a different attribute, “Up to 10x [longer]” just sounds a lot better than “made with 4% [recycled batteries]”, even if I do buy into your higher purpose. Which I do.

But please do keep at it. Without achieving 4% today, you won’t be able to achieve the 10%, 20% and 50% etc which I have no doubt you are gunning for in the future. Bravo to that!

And as a slight aside, thanks for reminding me of the king of claims: Dyson.

“Twice the suction power of any lightweight cordless vacuum in use”.

Now that’s a claim worth shouting about.

Thanks again





Dear ambipur

ambi-pur-logoDear ambipur,

Or should that be Dear febreze?

febreze-logoWell whichever of you I should be writing to, thank you for coming up with the phrase “nose-blind”. It’s just so much more catchy than Anosmia (the official medical term for loss of the sense of smell).


It always puts a smile on by face when brands come up with a new bit of language or a phrase… Even better when that phrase enters the #lexicon. I guess with the Twitter generation that’s #morelikelythesedays.

So more smiles for me to look forward to. #wunderbar.

Thanks again and looking forward to see whether your mum & dad (aka P&G) continue to run you alongside each other or whether they force you to become one at some point in the future.


Dear Braun

braun_logoDear Braun,

Thank you for reminding me that things are not as they seem.

You see, I’d always thought you were called Braun, to rhyme with dawn.

But it turns out you’re called Braun, to rhyme with crown.

Perhaps everybody knew that.

But I didn’t.

I’ve been hearing all about you, but clearly not properly listening to you, all this time.

It’s good to know that we all see, hear and experience the world differently.

Difference is good.

It’s what makes our jobs in talking to people and coming up with things that make their lives that little bit better such fun.

Thanks again