Dear ambipur

ambi-pur-logoDear ambipur,

Or should that be Dear febreze?

febreze-logoWell whichever of you I should be writing to, thank you for coming up with the phrase “nose-blind”. It’s just so much more catchy than Anosmia (the official medical term for loss of the sense of smell).


It always puts a smile on by face when brands come up with a new bit of language or a phrase… Even better when that phrase enters the #lexicon. I guess with the Twitter generation that’s #morelikelythesedays.

So more smiles for me to look forward to. #wunderbar.

Thanks again and looking forward to see whether your mum & dad (aka P&G) continue to run you alongside each other or whether they force you to become one at some point in the future.



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