Dear Nationwide

nationwide-logoDear Nationwide,

Thank you for brilliant new campaign Voices Nationwide – and for reminding me that poets and poetry, like stand-up comics and observational comedy, are, when good, brilliantly insightful. #voicesnationwide

Thank you for doing “authentic” without trying too hard.

Thank you for doing “real”, without doing “gritty”.

Thank you for creating something that has the potential to run and run and run.

And thank you for helping me remember the positive impact on me of listening to poetry.

I’ve never really got on with poetry when I’m reading it on my own.

I don’t know why.

But when I listen to poetry it’s a totally different experience for me.

And the good news is that there’s an App for that. Probably.


And finally, thank you for reminding me of BBC Radio4’s The Listening Project…in addition to the project itself, I just love simplicity and purity of the line: It’s surprising what you hear when you listen.

Thanks again



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