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Dear Carling


Dear Carling,

Thanks for re-showing this ad – it still makes me smile. I love the way you take the language of a Saturday night out and put it into orbit:

And thanks for being a really good example that demonstrates the differences between a Brand Positioning, an Advertising Idea / Platform and an Ad Execution.

Brand Positioning – Belonging

Advertising Idea / Platform – You know who your mates are

Ad Execution – Space

Space is my favourite, but here are 3 more Ad Executions – Explorer; Desert; Wild West – which further demonstrate the principle and also make me chuckle:

Despite these ads, the likelihood of me and my mates necking copious pints of Carling next weekend remains negligible I’m afraid. But that doesn’t matter as I suspect we’re outside your target market and it doesn’t mean that I can’t and don’t admire what you’re doing.

Thanks Carling.