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Dear Tango

Tango Cans
Dear Tango,

Thank you for a second consecutive piece of innovation that I can confidently file in a folder named “Bonkers Innovation”.

Tango - Shower Gels

Now I’m all for looking to analogous and parallel or adjacent categories for inspiration in the innovation process. And I’m all for the heroic failures of entrepreneurs on their way to a final success.

But a Tango shower gel? Really?

OK, I know it’s a licensing ruse rather than “pure” innovation and in that sense could be seen as a fairly smart piece of commercial activity in which Britvic makes a quick buck without having to do anything…(other than risk diluting its brand)

…But consumers don’t know that and certainly don’t think like that.

All they see is a brand that they know as a sticky sweet sugary soft drink now suggesting to them that they should wash their bodies with it.

I just don’t get it.

But hang on a moment.

You did set somewhat of a precedent for crazy innovation last year with Turbo Tango:



turbo tango ads

And lest we forget, there was Tango Freekee Soda, rebranded as Tango Strange Soda back in 2004:

Tango Freekee Soda


(Strange Soda lasted less than a year, although personally I quite liked the product (for those that missed it, it was a carbonated milk, fruit juice and water mix Рstrange indeed.))

So perhaps you’re using highly targeted (at teenage boys) crazy innovation to help define your irreverent, whacky, crazy brand positioning? (Innovation is expensive but so is a shiny advertising campaign after all).

But then again, maybe you’re not.

Frankly, I have no idea what you’re up to!

Anyway, thanks again for giving us another example of bonkers innovation (licensing) to sit alongside Bic Disposable Underwear, Colgate Kitchen Entrees, Cosmopolitan Yoghurt and my personal favourite, Gerbers Singles –¬†pureed single-serving meals in a jar for adults.

Gerber Singles