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Dear VW (once again),

Dear VW,

I know, I know, I’ve thanked you before and easily more than any other brand (here), but I just have to thank you again for your most recent Polo advertising – which is absolutely brilliant:

With an unhealthy dose of un-insightful garbage out there, it’s such a joy when brands like you manage to do something that actually connects with real people. Me being one of them.

OK, I am somewhat biased.

I’m the Dad of a daughter – which means I do and fully anticipate doing all those things in the ad.

(Including – and most importantly for you – buying my daughter a Polo in the future.)

I’m a big fan of yours anyway.

And I tend to well-up when watching DIY SOS, so it’s not hard to twang my heartstrings.

But nonetheless, the ad is a wonderful thing and it doesn’t matter a jot that it’s similar to the John Lewis ad about which I posted when thanking Bupa here.

No doubt you’ve seen the latest dancing animal drivel from Volvic Touch of Fruit and shared my exasperation at the total lack of reality:  gallingly made-up / fake summer mountain scenery; CGI dancing squirrels & hedgehogs; generically good-looking (poor acting) couple straight from the pages of Getty Images…


Thank goodness you’re out there VW, doing your stuff so brilliantly and so insightfully.

Thanks again VW.



Dear Bupa

Dear Bupa,

Thank you for your masterbrand growth strategy and for showing us – contrary to the received wisdom pedaled by some branding experts – that ubiquity (the enemy of focus) is not necessarily a bad thing and that featuring a very broad “target audience” in brand communication can actually be very desirable.

Thank you for making me think about the differences between:

  • Sales target – the people you want to pick up the phone (or ideally sort themselves out online)
  • Brand target – the people with whom you’re trying to create a deep emotional connection
  • Dramatis personae – the people who feature in your advertising

Thanks for allowing the Sales and Brand targets to see a glimpse of themselves, their family and their friends – in other the words the things that really matter to them – in the Dramatis personae…focus and ubiquity in one. Nice.

And thanks in particular for the way you have turned your fundamental human insight “Treat me as an individual, I’m different, my health needs are different” into the Guess what – I’m not a robot refrain for the backing track. Love it.

On a different note, thanks for reminding me of this ad from John Lewis, which works for fundamentally similar reasons – I can watch it again and again:

Both you Bupa, and you John Lewis, make me think of Martini’s infamous Martini Time of Day – Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere , but with the huge difference that you’ve created communication that says My-time, My-place, My-where. Martini on the other hand just left people thinking –  No-time, No-place, No-where. Here are the Martini ads for old times sake:

And just for good measure (no pun intended), check out the 80s in all their glory:

That mood altering music style shift after 10 seconds is formidable.



PS – I think I’ll save this…… for another time