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Dear Braun

braun_logoDear Braun,

Thank you for reminding me that things are not as they seem.

You see, I’d always thought you were called Braun, to rhyme with dawn.

But it turns out you’re called Braun, to rhyme with crown.

Perhaps everybody knew that.

But I didn’t.

I’ve been hearing all about you, but clearly not properly listening to you, all this time.

It’s good to know that we all see, hear and experience the world differently.

Difference is good.

It’s what makes our jobs in talking to people and coming up with things that make their lives that little bit better such fun.

Thanks again





Dear Dyson,

Dear Dyson (or should that be Mr Dyson…or perhaps just James?),

Thank you for showing, once again, the power of differentiation, with your Dyson Hot.

It’s an extraordinary, weird but beautiful – almost sculptural (Barbara Hepworth?) – looking thing:

OK, not beautiful, but pretty cool.

Well hot actually. Without you, the past few weeks where it has barely got above zero, would have been no fun at all.

Thank you for all the excellent new technology…and for taking the time to explain it.

To be honest the basic gist (AirMultiplier Technology – which sounds good) and my awareness of all the products that you’ve launched in past (i.e. your brand), were more than enough to convince me to part with around 5 times as much cash for you, than the nearest comparable product.

But that’s the point.

You’re not comparable.

You’re better.

You’re different.

Which is why you can charge what you do and leave the rest of the pack to be cheaper.

Thanks again…I never thought I would be proud of a fan heater sitting in the corner of the room. But I am.



Dear waterpik

Dear waterpik,

Thank you for your WP-450 Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet.

Goodbye flossing, hello plaque-free and guilt-free self-righteousness!

Goodbye to guilty confessions in the dentist’s chair that whilst the new flossing regime had started well enough, it had dwindled by the end of the first week and was non-existant less than a fortnight later.

Let’s face it, unless you’ve got the patience of a saint, the dexterity of an origami champion or you’re actually a dentist (and properly understand that if you don’t do it there’s trouble ahead), flossing is a nightmare:

  • There’s the mouth contortions – just how are you supposed to get to the back?
  • There’s the spatters on the mirror – unavoidable and pretty gross for anyone else that shares the bathroom.
  • There’s the time it takes – it’s the end of the day. I’m tired. I want to be in bed. Now.
  • There’s the loss of blood to your fingers as you wrap the blasted stuff round and round
  • There’s the trying to drop it in the bin so that it actually goes in and doesn’t drape over the edge like a cobweb
  • There’s the lack of any real, tangible, visible evidence that what you’re doing is worth it (at least with brushing your teeth you get fresh breath)
  • There’s the fraying – now I’ve got floss stuck between my teeth along with my dinner: awesome job.
  • There’s the pain – I know I’ve probably never done it right, but it does hurt, even when I’m “gentle”.

As I said, flossing is a nightmare. Tape, Satin, Waxed, Non-Waxed, Unflavoured, Extra Minty, With Aloe Vera – try as Oral-B et al might, it just doesn’t do the trick.

Consequently people (or perhaps just me) don’t want to floss.

But people don’t need to floss.

What they need is to clean the gaps between their teeth (and consequently prevent the build up of plaque and prevent gun disease).

Reminds me of Prof Theodore Levitt:

“People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.”

Thanks for reminding me of the Prof – always a pleasurable but beneficial diversion.

Thanks Waterpik WP-450 Ultra Cordless Dental Water Jet…

…you do everything that flossing does that’s good (needs met, benefits delivered)…

…and address all of the barriers (see above)…

…just in a Different, Better, and I suspect Cheaper (in the long-run) way.

Cracking piece of differentiation that.

Now if you could just be less the size of a hairdryer and more the size of something that would fit in my wash bag, that would be marvellous…


Dear Fever Tree

Dear Fever Tree,

Thank you for showing us that innovation and redefining the category rules is not necessarily about coming up with a radically new (i.e. different) idea, but more often it’s about taking something that already exists, and simply doing it better…in your case, much, much better.

I think you’ve been what my cupboard of dust-gathering  premium spirits brands has been crying out for all this time…Susy Atkins at The Sunday Telegraph has it right when she writes…”Don’t spoil a superior gin by adding a sweet saccharin mixer – track down Fever Tree.”

Thanks Fever Tree.