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Dear Energizer

energizer-ecoadvancedDear Energizer,

Thank you for reminding me about the power of claims…and the various psychological heuristics (or biases, such as anchoring or focusing) that affect how we interpret what we hear.

Now I’m full of admiration for what you’re doing…driving the agenda when it comes to battery  recycling and pushing yourselves forward with your “leaders always go first” brand vision / purpose.

But “made with 4% recycled batteries” feels a little underwhelming to me. Even if it is a world first.


My biases (and in fact my basic grasp of numbers) tell me that 4% just isn’t very much. At all.


And the 4% claim is especially underwhelming when compared to your adversaries over the way at Duracell…

Even though it does relate to a different attribute, “Up to 10x [longer]” just sounds a lot better than “made with 4% [recycled batteries]”, even if I do buy into your higher purpose. Which I do.

But please do keep at it. Without achieving 4% today, you won’t be able to achieve the 10%, 20% and 50% etc which I have no doubt you are gunning for in the future. Bravo to that!

And as a slight aside, thanks for reminding me of the king of claims: Dyson.

“Twice the suction power of any lightweight cordless vacuum in use”.

Now that’s a claim worth shouting about.

Thanks again





Dear Dyson,

Dear Dyson (or should that be Mr Dyson…or perhaps just James?),

Thank you for showing, once again, the power of differentiation, with your Dyson Hot.

It’s an extraordinary, weird but beautiful – almost sculptural (Barbara Hepworth?) – looking thing:

OK, not beautiful, but pretty cool.

Well hot actually. Without you, the past few weeks where it has barely got above zero, would have been no fun at all.

Thank you for all the excellent new technology…and for taking the time to explain it.

To be honest the basic gist (AirMultiplier Technology – which sounds good) and my awareness of all the products that you’ve launched in past (i.e. your brand), were more than enough to convince me to part with around 5 times as much cash for you, than the nearest comparable product.

But that’s the point.

You’re not comparable.

You’re better.

You’re different.

Which is why you can charge what you do and leave the rest of the pack to be cheaper.

Thanks again…I never thought I would be proud of a fan heater sitting in the corner of the room. But I am.



Dear magimix

Dear magimix,

Thank you for your Le Duo Plus XL.

We’ve just finished the final batch of apple juice (frozen then defrosted) that the mighty Le Duo Plus XL helped extract from our modest Oxfordshire harvest, and my, my we enjoyed every single last drop.

The general rule of thumb is that Juicers – along with Breadmakers (to whom I gave thanks here), Lean Mean Grilling Machines (George Foreman), Toasted Sandwich Makers, Flavour Shakers (Jamie Oliver), Fondue Sets and/or Raclette Grills – are a good idea in theory, but in practise gather dust in the “duff cupboard” that can be found in every self-respecting middle-class kitchen.

But Le Duo Plus XL is different.

It’s easy to clean (relatively anyway) and easy to use as long as the operator recognises their own limitations and opts to use one feature only, discarding the multitude of remaining blades / drums / baskets / spindles / plungers / siphons / hoppers / nozzles etc. In our case, we went for the bit that means you can get the juice out of apples without having to peel them. There’s so much to be said for keeping it simple – like this beauty by Philippe Stark:

And thanks, magimix, for being another brand that has become the “generic”. Unless people refer to the “whizzer” or “blender”, they generally refer to their magimix, regardless of whether or not it is one.

There’s something strangely reassuring about brands that become the generic and although not the branding holy grail it might first seem, it must be nonetheless satisfying to hear people use your (proper) noun as a verb. Here’s a few other classics (some of which are not technically the generic as they’re from the same category…which in itself is mildly interesting):

And of course, the Godfather of generic brands:

Thanks again magimix.


PS – Special thanks to Paul who donated the  Le Duo Plus XL to us in the first place!

Flavour Shaker

Dear Leica

Dear Leica,

Thank you for your logo (so simple, so 50s, so cool), thank you for your cameras. As gadgets go, this is right at the very top of my lust-haves – forget the iPad (here), forget the Dyson Air Multiplier (here),  I would even be willing to pretend that the IWC Portuguese 2010 Collection (here) doesn’t exist to get my hands on a Leica camera. You’re simple, you’re retro, you’re solid, you’re German. You’re outlandishly and unattainably expensive, but just the thought of you in my pocket gives me a thrill.