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Dear ambipur

ambi-pur-logoDear ambipur,

Or should that be Dear febreze?

febreze-logoWell whichever of you I should be writing to, thank you for coming up with the phrase “nose-blind”. It’s just so much more catchy than Anosmia (the official medical term for loss of the sense of smell).


It always puts a smile on by face when brands come up with a new bit of language or a phrase… Even better when that phrase enters the #lexicon. I guess with the Twitter generation that’s #morelikelythesedays.

So more smiles for me to look forward to. #wunderbar.

Thanks again and looking forward to see whether your mum & dad (aka P&G) continue to run you alongside each other or whether they force you to become one at some point in the future.



Dear WATERisLIFE.com

Waterislife.com logo

Dear WATERisLIFE.com,

Thank you for adopting the #firstworldproblems meme for your recent campaign – you put this morning’s shaming and time-wasting dilemma (so what is the difference between a Cappuccino and a Macchiato?) into perspective for me.

Thank you for reminding me that often the most simple connections (firstworld problems / realworldproblems) are the most insightful.

I’m still getting my head around the value of social media (I’ve only dabbled on Twitter and recently felt compelled to deactivate my personal Facebook page on the grounds that the value equation (time invested:value extracted) was not balanced).

So thank you for showing me the value that Twitter can add.


Thanks again,


Dear McCain

Dear McCain,

Thank you for your new “family pride” ad…it’s one of those heart-warming, “feel-good” ads that confirms me, in the words of our antipodean cousins,  “as a total wuss”. (Really, I shouldn’t be quite so moved by DIY SOS (and here on Twitter). Anyway, here’s the new McCain ad:

I love the way that you’ve shifted the positioning away from being about you (and potatoes / chips) , to being about your consumers, whilst remaining true to your truly powerful, global and innovation defining, It’s all Good “big brand idea”. Talk about tapping into one the biggest and most fundamental human drivers (i.e. pride) and clarifying your targeting, in one fell swoop.

Until the final sequence of the new ad, a chip only features once, in the scene with the Dad and his young daughter showing her brick-building dexterity…now that’s “pride in action” and certainly resonates with this Dad. Robert Cialdini‘s principle of Social Proof (one of his 6 universal Principles of Social Influence – the others being: Reciprocation; Authority; Commitment / Consistency; Scarcity; Liking.) certainly seems to be in action here…Not to mention Gordon Gallup Jr‘s famous Mirror Test exploring self-awareness…

So nice job McCain – so much more engaging, for me at least, than your previous campaigns:

That said, I do absolutely love the “Potato Factory” execution, even though “the factory” is an idea that’s been “done”, albeit in many different ways, countless times before (Coca-Cola Happiness Factory, Skoda Fabia Cake Car, Honda – What if?, Honda Cog etc etc) – and it’s about you and not about me!

Thank you for making me think about the journey you’ve been on. I am amused at the thought of the smiles emerging on the ad agency‘s collective faces when it was agreed that the potato / chip no longer had to be the hero of the ad…I can almost hear the whoops of delight as they realised that they were able to move the global It’s all Good “big brand idea” onto the next stage… Or maybe it was just the influence of a new Marketing Director who’s not a fan of musicals.

Thanks McCain – your Sweet Potato with Rosemary and Garlic is now on my shopping list.