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Dear Autogrill

Dear Autogrill,

Thank you for making a stop at a motorway service station an appetising prospect. Maybe it’s only because I associate you with France and my preconceptions about France’s culinary superiority, maybe it’s because I only ever go to you when I’m on holiday when everything tastes better, but nevertheless, your disastrously unappealing logo never fails to awake my motorway-fatigued senses.



Dear Mitchell & Webb

Dear Mitchell & Webb,

Thank you for your brilliant marketing satire – it stands out from the quagmire of political satire like a vuvuzela at a snooker tournament. Maybe it’s because I work in the industry, but sketches like the ones below, much of (ex-Unilever marketer) Hugh Dennis’ work and my all time favourite “Weak at the Top” (see Wikipedia here, and Amazon here) by the masterly Guy Browning, just tickle me over and over again.



Dear Eurotunnel

Dear Eurotunnel,

Thank you for providing what still feels like an exciting new way to travel, despite having been open for more than 15 years and for being the first major landmark on the way to my summer holiday this year…I’m looking forward to seeing you at around 11 o’clock this evening.


Dear Big Brother

Dear Big Brother,

Thank you for your constant and consistent logo refreshment, some examples of which are above – I admire the way that in any guise (and especially when combined with even just a couple of notes of that music or that Geordie voiceover) you’re instantly recognisable. I have been able to justify you creeping around the edges and into my life in the past on the grounds that you are (or were anyway) an intriguing social experiment. Deep down, I know that you’re a waste of life and having wasted some life on you in the past, I’m not planning to do it again, even if I do respect what you have done over the years to try to keep the format “fresh”, not least with the layout and design of “the house”.


Dear Coca-Cola

Dear Coca-Cola,

Thank you for your “Happiness Machine” viral / video / whatever-you-want-to-call-it…

It may have been around a while and been blogged about by loads of peopleĀ  (thanks to all the bloggers too, here, here, and here), but when I stumbled across it again recently it made me smile again – so I watched it again and it made me smile again. Thank you Coke for being aware how important it is to demonstrate your brand essence, not just claim it in some flashy CGI ad. And thank you (and your design agency – Turner Duckworth) for your summer cans – they’re sublime.


UPDATE: Just came across this entry on Mashable – makes for an interesting follow-up read:

How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” (Interview)

Dear 2XU

Dear 2XU,

Thank you for your T:O wetsuit (which I hired for my first triathlon here) and its wealth of technical features. The “520% Stretch Lining”, “Transition Panel Seam Overlap Technology” and “Floating Zip” are all great, but what I’m really grateful for the is the “39 Cell Front Buoyancy” feature. Last night it gave me the confidence to tell all three of the practising triathletes who kindly interrupted their swim to ask if I was “OK”, that I was indeed “OK “…by which I meant that I knew I was unlikely to sink in the near future.


Dear IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph

Dear IWC Portuguese Yacht Club Chronograph,

Thank you for being beautiful and unattainable. I am content to admire you from afar, knowing that however much I desire you, you’re an entirely unnecessary luxury that I don’t need – you serve to remind me that there is a difference between needing and wanting.